Why Knute for Congress?

Republican voters who live in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District need to learn the facts that Knute Buehler stood up to Kate Brown and the Portland Liberals, in contrast to Cliff Bentz and Jason Atkinson, who rolled over. It is important to spread the word about their history of compromising the values and principles that we support.

Our top priority is that Republican voters who live in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District in all or portions of Hood River, Wasco, Jefferson, Crook, Sherman, Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa counties receive their news from the Portland media market and media markets outside of Oregon – so they may not be as well informed about Cliff’s record of siding with liberals in Salem when Knute stood up and fought them.

Our second priority is Republican voters who live in Klamath, Jackson and Lake counties need to hear that when conservatives in Oregon needed someone to fight the Portland Liberal establishment, Knute Buehler stood up and fought while Jason Atkinson rolled over and supported their agenda.

All Knute supporters need to think of ways to talk to friends, family, and voters in those counties. Send postcards and letters, make phone calls, talk to anyone and everyone about how Cliff Bentz and Jason Atkinson rolled over and supported the liberal Portland agenda. We need someone like Knute Buehler to fight the liberals and Nancy Pelosi, not go along with them.

Cliff Bentz The Go Along To Get Along Spender

  • Bentz has voted for $8.3 billion in new taxes – including two gas tax increases and Oregon’s first-ever sales tax. Knute Buehler stood up to Cliff Bentz and Kate Brown and voted NO to new taxes. (HB 2001, 2009) (HB 2017, 2017)
  • Bentz voted to waste $350 million on the failed Obamacare website that never worked and $200 million on the Portland-Vancouver bridge that was never built. Bentz was also a supporter of the green energy tax credits (BETC) that promised $1 billion in new jobs but only brought fraud and corruption. Buehler will work to reduce government spending, not authorize projects doomed to fail. (SB 99, 2011) (HB 4164, 2012) (HB 2800, 2013)
  • Bentz joined Democrats to shield illegal immigrants from ICE and provide them lower-cost in-state tuition – putting the $5 million cost on backs of students born and raised in Oregon, including our military personnel. Knute Buehler will stand up for the rule-of-law and fight politicians like Cliff Bentz and Kate Brown, who want to put illegal immigrants before our military personnel. (HB 2787, 2013) (SB 859, 2019)

Jason Atkinson, The Environmental Activist

  • Atkinson was the leading advocate and only Republican in the legislature to vote to tear-out critical irrigation dams in the Klamath Basin – while raising monthly utility rates on working families to pay for it. Buehler will put humans before fish and stand up to radical environmentalists like Jason Atkinson and AOC to ensure the Northwest’s Dams are not removed. (SB 76, 2009)
  • Atkinson continued after he was out of office to be a leader of the KBRA or Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. The agreement had a price tag of over $1.3 billion, and more than half was federal dollars. It also put the burden of clean up projects on the federal government. Buehler will stand up for Oregon’s ranchers and farmers and against radical environmentalists like Jason Atkinson and AOC.
  • Even Before Portland did it, Jason joined the liberal environmentalists to sponsor a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags and charging working families a 5-cent bag fee. Knute Buehler will stand up for working families and against the nanny-state policies of radical environmentalists like Jason Atkinson and AOC. (SB 1009, 2010) (SB 536, 2011)

No Candidate is Tougher on Kate Brown & PDX Liberals

Kate Brown and Portland liberals are waging war on our values, our jobs and our way of life. 

And no other candidate for Congress has fought Kate Brown and liberals more than conservative Republican Knute Buehler – we can trust him to fight for us in Congress.  

Hear more about Knute’s record fighting Kate Brown and PDX Liberals: CLICK HERE.

When Kate Brown and government unions wanted billions in higher taxes – Knute stood up for taxpayers and said no way.

When Kate Brown pushed for sanctuary cities, Knute stood for the rule of law and voted to end sanctuary cities in Oregon.

When Kate Brown and Planned Parenthood wanted taxpayer funded abortions for illegal immigrants, Knute stood with the pro-life community and voted no.  

When Kate Brown and Mike Bloomberg wanted to take away our second amendment rights, Knute Buehler voted against their gun grabs – defending our freedoms and rights.

When Kate Brown and radical environmental groups pushed new regulations that kill jobs in farming, ranching and timber – Knute stood with working families and pushed back.

When Kate Brown did nothing to stop homeless camps and tent cities on Portland streets and sidewalks – Knute offered a plan with new rights for businesses, neighborhoods and law enforcement.   

When Kate Brown endorsed removal of critical Snake River dams – Knute stood with Eastern Oregon agriculture to protect this essential energy, irrigation and transportation infrastructure.

Knute will Fight the Liberals in Congress the way He’s Fought Brown & Liberals in Oregon

Knute will stand with President Trump to take-on Pelosi, AOC, Bernie or Biden – to defend our conservative values, rights and freedoms – our way of life. 

In Congress, Knute will stand with taxpayers to oppose new taxes and will vote to rollback regulations that kill small businesses and jobs in farming, ranching and timber.

In Congress, Knute will stand with President Trump to secure the border and combat illegal immigration.

In Congress, Knute will support law enforcement, uphold the rule of law and stop federal funding of sanctuary cities.

In Congress, Knute will stand with gun owners and support the NRA to defend our second amendment rights.

 In Congress, Knute will stand with the pro-life community to oppose federal funding of abortion, late term abortion to defund Planned Parenthood.

In Congress, Knute will defend Oregon farmers and ranchers from extreme proposals to tear out dams that provide energy, irrigation and transportation vital to the NW economy.