Knute Buehler | Results

Independent Leadership. Bipartisan Results.

”Rep. Buehler is acting as a free agent – and as such, truly representing Central Oregon in his first term in the Oregon House.”
– Bend Source Weekly, April 22, 2015

Working Across Party Lines and Beyond Narrow Labels

  • Knute spearheaded passage of Right to Try legislation, providing terminally ill Oregonians access to experimental treatments that have not yet been approved for market (HB 2300)
  • Knute confronted the painkiller and heroin addiction epidemic, championing a bipartisan effort to prevent narcotic drug abuse and overdoses (HB 4124)
  • Knute led the charge to improve women’s health, passing landmark legislation that gives women access to safe, over-the-counter birth control (HB 2879)
  • Knute stood for tolerance and compassion, voting to end the cruel and fraudulent practice of sexual identity “conversion therapy” (HB 2307)
  • Knute crossed party lines for our energy future, supporting legislation to eliminate coal-burning energy in Oregon by 2030 and requiring electrical utilities to increase renewable energy production by 2040 (SB 1547)
  • Knute helped found the first ever Independent Caucus in the Oregon Legislature, helping to open the political process to new voices in state politics and policy-making.
HB 2879:

“…the measure gives Oregon women the easiest access to birth control in the nation…and gives women more control over their health care while helping prevent unwanted pregnancies.”

– Associated Press, July 7, 2015

Taking On Government Corruption, and Improving Accountability

  • When Governor Brown couldn’t – or wouldn’t – Knute defended the Kitzhaber-Hayes whistleblower as an “Oregon Hero.” He then pushed through a law providing some of the strongest protections in the nation for those in state government and nonprofits with the courage to stand up to fraud and corruption (HB 4067)
  • Knute passed a bill to enforce audit requirements for local governments and ensure taxpayer money is being spent wisely and responsibly (HB 2174)
HB 4067:

“In just two years Knute Buehler has proven himself as a lawmaker. He’s bright, independent and thoughtful, and he wants to continue representing House District 54. He should be allowed to do so.”

– Bend Bulletin, October 1, 2016

Opposing Job-Killing Ideas, Promoting Opportunity

  • Knute fought against the massive minimum wage hike, a measure that will kill small business jobs, drain local government budgets, and ultimately hurt the people it’s supposed to help (SB 1532)
  • Knute voted to increase the Earned Income Tax Credit and expand the Child Care Tax Credit, policies proven to raise families with young children out of poverty (HB 4110 and HB 2171)
  • Knute voted against the so-called “low carbon” fuel standard, a hidden gas tax on Oregonians designed to subsidize the corporate biofuels industry (SB 324)
  • Knute opposes the massive, regressive and hidden $5 billion gross receipts tax increase – the largest tax increase in Oregon history (Measure 97)
  • Knute supported an additional $35 million in funding for STEM and career & technical education programs
  • Knute introduced legislation to incentivize more students in science and technology fields by providing financial aid for kids pursuing STEM degrees (HB 3288)
  • Knute introduced legislation to promote innovation and job creation by expanding the R&D tax credit (HB 2752)
SB 1532 and IP 28:

“Taken together…policy changes designed to help low-paid workers and spare small businesses would conspire to harm both.”

– The Oregonian, February 2, 2016

Standing Up For Bend

  • Knute continues to champion legislation to restore Mirror Pond to a more natural flow, enhance wildlife habitat and increase recreation options (HB 3283)
  • Knute is an advocate for homeowners and renters in Bend, supporting legislation to fund more affordable housing and increased protections for families who rent month-to-month (HB 4079 and HB 4143)
  • Knute is committed to ensuring veterans get the health care they need and deserve. He passed a resolution that calls on Congress to improve federal veterans’ health programs and is working to help veterans get access to care in their communities so they don’t have to drive to Portland for critical medical treatments (HJM 14)
  • After the city of Bend spent many years and millions of dollars pursuing state approval for a modest urban growth boundary expansion to promote affordable housing development, Knute secured bipartisan legislation to streamline the planning process and reduce future costs for the city (HB 3282)
  • Knute ensured local renewable energy projects were included in the new state energy plan (SB 1547)
  • Knute supported OSU-Cascades funding priorities as they continue to grow and establish a four-year university in Bend
SB 1532 and IP 28:

“Secure living is key to quality of life and healthy communities. This will help prevent landlords from taking advantage of month-to-month renters and a shortage of affordable housing that gives them unbalanced leverage.”

– Buehler on KTVZ, February 23, 2016