Political Cartoons

The political cartoon series started when Melodi from Burns emailed to share her long list of licenses, permits, fees, and taxes. Melodi took the time to compile the long list of burdens, so our team at Knute for Oregon asked for her permission to share her story. We then took the concept to a cartoonist to help create a visual representation.

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For the Privilege of Doing Business in Oregon

October 23, 2019

“For the privilege of doing business in Oregon.” Those exact words are in the Corporate Activity Tax legislation Oregon Democrats and Governor Brown forced through the legislature in 2019.

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Can You Top This?

September 27, 2019

Personal conduct, credibility, trustworthiness and respect are basic standards for elected officials that should matter to all of us, regardless of political affiliation.

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Veto Stew

August 20, 2019

Governor Brown said the Oregon Senate Republicans’ walkout, “will haunt them over the next decade” and that, “revenge is a dish best served cold and slowly.”

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Farm to Table

July 20, 2019

INBOX: “Do you ever wonder why a steak dinner cost so much in a county where the beef is raised?”

I received this question in an email from Melodi in Burns. “I am sick of spending my day handling red tape and paying taxes and fees! I am frustrated to say the least.”

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