Farm to Table

INBOX: “Do you ever wonder why a steak dinner cost so much in a county where the beef is raised?”

I received this question in an email from Melodi in Burns. “I am sick of spending my day handling red tape and paying taxes and fees! I am frustrated to say the least.”

When we pile on endless permits, fees, taxes and licensing requirements the cumulative impact creates too great a burden to shoulder and forces small business out of business. Melodi is a farm to table small business owner, who put together the long list below to help elected officials understand the amount of red tape someone conducting business in Oregon must face.

Oregon can do better. Oregon must do better.

Here’s Melodi’s list (before 2019 legislative session which will add to her list unfortunately):

First, the annual fees relating to the ranch:

1. Assumed Business Name $100

2. LLC business registration $150

3. Oregon Excise tax $150 (pending legislation will increase this fee for the privilege of doing business in Oregon to $1,000 per year.)

4. Worker’s Compensation Insurance

5. Six different payroll taxes on employees

6. New state transit tax on all employees

7. USFW or ODFW permits required for bird, predator or rodent damage control.

8. Obama Care insurance mandate for employees

9. Livestock Premises Indemnification. (Nation Animal Identification System)

10. CAFO (Confined Animal feeding Operation)

11. Recording a livestock brand is $100 every four years plus $25 annually

12. Livestock inspection $25 per trip to the ranch

13. Brand Inspection $.75 per head

14. Oregon Beef Check off Dollars $1.50 per head

15. Pasture to Pasture permit required for shipping cattle interstate for grazing.

16. Brucellosis vaccination required for all female cattle over 4 months of age.

17. Livestock Weigh Scale License $130

18.Permits from Oregon Water Resources Department for the use of water from any source – the ground, lakes, or streams. Water Right Registration required. $300 Examination Fee + $200 for first CFS + $15 per AF

19.Fees for perfecting water rights $2,250 plus legal fees of $1,687

20.Groundwater transfer fee $850

21.Construction of ponds or reservoirs on private property requires a permit.

22.Federal and State permits regarding use of water ways that pass through private property.

23. Draining wet lands on farm requires approval and a permit.

24. Farm Resident Well Water Test $45

25. Land owner well construction permit fees

26. USDA Food Processing Inspection and License $212

27. Meat Weigh Scale License $37

28. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) $100

29. Commercial Driver’s License Medical Card $195

30. Semi -Truck License $475

31. Livestock Trailer License $110

32. Refrigerator Trailer License for hauling carcasses $108

33. Trip charge $87

34. Tractor Driving Certificate

35. Permit for the storage of bulk fuel tanks.

36. Records, posters, data sheet and personal protective equipment requirements for worker protection stands for workers using pesticides.

37. State fire Marshall Permit for use of agriculture fireworks for wildlife damage control measures.

38. Poison application permit for rodent control in the hay fields.

39. DEQ permits for solid waste disposal (i.e. Manure disposal)

40. Permit to access public roads from private property

41. Organic endorsement $3,400

42. Organic application fee $75

43. Organic inspection $500

44. UCC filing fees $225 for new equipment purchases

45. ODOT Heavy Vehicle Use Fee

Second, the annual fees relating to the restaurant:

46. LLC business registration $150

47. City business license $50

48. Oregon Excise tax $150 (pending legislation will increase this fee for the privilege of doing business in Oregon to $1,000 per year.)

49. Restaurant Fire Code Inspection

50. Restaurant Health Inspection

51. Food handler’s Certificate $10

52. Alcohol Server’s Certificate $35

53. OLCC Liquor Sales License $402

54. City Liquor License Processing Fee $10

55. Permit to place a restaurant advertisement billboard on our own property.

56. County Personal Property Tax – on restaurant equipment we own

57. Worker’s Compensation Insurance

58. Six different payroll taxes on employees

59. New state transit tax on all employees

60. Obama Care insurance mandate for employees