Brave COVID-19 Warriors – Thank You!

We all have a role to play in defeating the coronavirus, who are you thankful for?

• Childcare providers who care for the children of these Moms and Dads working in essential services
• Farmers and ranchers for growing nutritious and healthy food
• First responders, fire and police, who keep us safe
• Garbage truck drivers for maintaining residential schedules
• Grocery store clerks for stocking and bagging
• Mail carriers delivering paychecks, greeting cards, and online orders
• Medical and healthcare providers who save our lives
• Neighbors and family members who have generously stepped up to look out for each other
• Pharmacists for filling orders for ailments that do not stop during a public health crisis
• Restaurant workers adapting to new rules and converting to takeout orders
• Scientists for working on treatments, vaccines, and cures
• Truck drivers for transporting groceries and supplies to every part of the country