Meet Knute

As lifelong Oregonian from Roseburg – the son of a butcher and homemaker – Knute shares the values of hardworking Oregonians. Whether leading as a Republican in a Democrat-dominated state legislature or taking-on Kate Brown for Governor, Knute has stood his ground and fought progressive policies that threaten the jobs and way of life of Oregon’s rural communities, little towns and small cities.

Knute said NO to Kate Brown’s unconstitutional attacks on our Second Amendment rights. He voted YES to repeal Oregon’s sanctuary city law. Knute was an early opponent of a job-killing state Cap and Trade law and voted NO on low carbon fuel standard regulations. And each time the Democrats and government unions wanted another tax hike to grow government and raise the cost of living on everything…groceries, driving your car, truck or boat, health insurance premiums, heating your home and hot water…even a first-ever payroll tax on workers outside Portland to pay for Portland mass transit…Knute pushed back with a firm NO vote. 

Knute was born and raised in Roseburg. Growing up, he worked in the woods and drove a Pepsi delivery truck. He and his two brothers were the first in their family to attend college. Knute graduated from Oregon State, where he played baseball and was the university’s first Rhodes Scholar. In medical school at Johns Hopkins, Knute fell in love with a classmate — he and Patty have now been married 29 years and have two grown children. Over the past 20 years, while replacing hips and knees for over 5000 people as a surgeon, Knute also helped build and manage a medical clinic in Bend that now employs nearly 300 people.

In 2014, Knute was elected to represent a tough Democrat district in Bend and was re-elected in 2016. In both elections, Knute faced well-funded, strong Democrat challengers and overcame stiff opposition from unions, trial lawyers, Planned Parenthood and environmental groups. In 2018, Knute challenged career politician and incumbent Governor Kate Brown — raising $19 million from more than 19,000 grassroots donors and earning 45% of the vote. In two statewide elections (2012 race for Secretary of State and 2018 race for Governor), Knute has won the 2nd Congressional District four times – two primary and two general elections.