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Meet Knute

I love Oregon – its natural beauty, generous and independent-minded people and sometimes quirky culture. Though I no longer hold elected office, I strive every day to improve our beautiful state. Oregon needs a voice that is ready, willing, and more than anything, determined, to face these big problems head on. We need good people and good ideas that show independent leadership to fix Oregon’s big problems.

Every Oregonian is yearning for real solutions to the problems that have plagued us for decades – from education, to foster care, to homelessness, to affordable healthcare, and more. No Governor in Oregon history has had more money to fix our schools, solve homelessness and rescue at-risk youth, but still Oregon has near the worst graduation rate in America, we lead the nation in youth homelessness and too many Foster kids remain vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

I am a fiscally responsible and pro-choice and reject the narrow political labels that increasingly divide us. I’ve proposed ambitious plans to fix the pension crisis, improve our schools, solve homelessness, protect health care and bridge Oregon’s rural-urban divide. You can read them all here.

That’s why I’m stepping up, using the lessons I learned, the stories I heard, and the memories of the great people I met during my run for governor, to help save our state.

Together, we can hold elected officials accountable. Oregon can and must do better.

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Together, we can build a brighter future for Oregon.