Thank You


As we close the books on this hard fought campaign, I want to offer some special thank you’s.

My Family- At the top of the list is my wife Patty and our two kids – thank you for supporting and loving me. Elections come and go, but family love endures. You are what define me, not politics.

Oregon Voters- The Republican voters of CD2 and voters of all stripes across Oregon. Those that voted for me and even those that chose another candidate. Thank you for teaching me, listening to me and supporting me over several different elections. I’m particularly grateful to the voters in Bend, who gave me the honor of being their voice and vote in the Oregon House.

Generous Donors- The 5,000 grassroots donors to this campaign. Wow. You answered the call and provided the fuel for this campaign. Many of you have supported me in previous campaigns. Thank you for participating in our democracy. I’m humbled and grateful to each of you.

Dedicated Volunteers- Those of you who volunteered your time to make phone calls, share and display lawn signs, offer a personal endorsement, appear in ads, and spread the word on social media. Thank you for your tireless efforts and support.

Hardworking Staff- My campaign staff and team. Thanks for your dedication, smarts, candid advice and professionalism. This wasn’t the outcome we had hoped for, but I’m the better for knowing and working with each of you.

Over the past eight years, I’ve done my best to lead and advocate for a better Oregon, as a candidate and as a state legislator. As a son of Oregon, I’ve done my best to advance policies and ideas consistent with my conservative principles that could solve the problems and meet the challenges facing our state and it’s people. Teddy Roosevelt called it being in “the arena.” The times we’re in demand that serious people remain and enter the political arena – Oregon needs you.

 As for me, with Patty, I’m going to reflect on what I’ve learned and done and consider what I want to write on the open pages of the next chapter of my life. Politics and public service has been an exhilarating experience made possible by family, friends, and supporters like you. I’ll never forget it.

Thank you, stay involved and see you down the road.