• In Case You Missed It

    It’s been an exciting and busy couple of weeks since the announcement of my decision to run to represent House District 54 in Bend. We kicked off the announcement with a celebratory get-together at Deschutes Brewery. Over 180 guests attended from the Bend area. And now, with the new year upon us, my team and I are gearing up for a successful campaign in 2014.

    In case you missed it, there’s been a number of media articles written about the announcement recently. Here are a few:

    Talking with campaign supporters.

    Talking with campaign supporters.

    The Oregonian: Knute Buehler, Former Secretary of State Candidate, Will Run for Oregon House

    The Bend Bulletin: Buehler will Run for State Office

    The Statesman Journal: Knute Buehler Announces Run for Oregon House of Representatives

    You can also find out more about who I am, why I’m running, and what’s needed to work toward a better Oregon by listening and/or watching two of my recent interviews below.

    KTVZ interview

    KBNW News Radio interview

    Thank you for your ongoing support. It is time to start the real work of changing Oregon for the better. But, I can’t do it alone, I need your help to win this election. Contribute to the campaign today. Visit our volunteer page and sign up to help, and/or donate to the campaign. You can make a difference.

  • Why I’m Running for Office

    Knute and PattyIt’s with excitement and purpose that I announced my candidacy today for House Representative of District 54 in Bend, Oregon. We’ll be kicking off the campaign with a lively celebration at Deschutes Brewery on December 3, at 6:00pm. Hope to see you there!

    The decision to run for office in Bend did not come lightly. As I embark on this new journey and campaign, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for my wonderful wife, children, friends and supporters who have stood by my side through one election, and are now ready and willing to do it again!

    It’s this dedication, and hope for a new day in Oregon politics that inspired me and solidified my decision to run for district 54, to represent Bend. It is the town where my wife and I own businesses, have raised our children, and wish to retire. We are invested in Bend, and in Oregon.

    Why am I running for office? I believe in public service, and right now our state and country is in desperate need of leaders in government who have the peoples’ best interest at heart. It’s time we address the real issues facing Bend and our state. We need to refocus on education, health care reform, fostering a smart and sustainable government and election reform. These issues will be my focus throughout this campaign and in office.

    But more importantly, we need to find a way to unite our state government and our people. We must unite to achieve our shared goals. We must remember that in order for our democracy to thrive, we must reach across the aisle and find common ground.

    We can achieve these goals together! We can see a new day in Oregon politics.

    I hope you will support me to represent Bend. Your support will make all the difference in this campaign. The only way I can win this election is with your help. Make a donation or sign up to volunteer today!

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