"Buehler is one of the finest candidates for public office Bend has produced in recent years. He is strongly endorsed." ... Read More


"In the 17 years that this newspaper has been conducting endorsement interviews, Buehler arrived as the most-prepared candidate" ... Read More

I'll lead with an open mind, tolerant heart and thoughtful voice

As a doctor, when I care for a patient, I don’t ask if you are a Democrat or a Republican. I listen to your concerns and go to work solving your problem. I’ll do the same as your State Representative. I ran for office to solve problems – not score political points. Read More

Let's fix and improve health care reform in Oregon – not dismantle it

As a practicing doctor, I understand the strengths and weaknesses of our current health care system. As your State Representative, I'll be the only doctor serving in the Oregon House. With health care such a critical issue for our state and nation, it's more important than ever for our state government to utilize the experience, expertise and advice of practiced health care professionals. Read More

Working toward world-class schools

We have good schools in Bend – and I believe we need to be working toward making them into world-class schools that become a model for our state. As your state representative, I’ll work closely with our local teachers, administrators, school board members and students to champion stronger funding for schools to reduce class sizes and to make thoughtful reforms to boost student achievement. Read More

Play to Bend's strengths to create jobs

I'll be relentless in supporting policies that create jobs and help existing businesses grow and new businesses take root. Bend and Central Oregon were hit hard by the recession. Too many people remain unemployed or underemployed. We need to play to our strengths in tourism, outdoor recreation, brewing and health care­ and give special focus to growing Bend's technology industry. Read More

Oregon has the resources we need to achieve our goals – if state government operated more efficiently.

Some argue that Oregon can’t achieve a world-class education system, take care of our vulnerable seniors and maintain our roads and infrastructure without increasing revenues through new taxes or fees. I do not share that point of view. Read More

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